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TitleOral history interview with Mr Richard Shaw on 14 January 2016
Date14 January 2016
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Banfield, Mike
Shaw, Richard
DescriptionInterview conducted by Mike Banfield.
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Part One

00:00-00:29: Introduction

00:29-02:20: Why Battersea College? National Service; family business in metallurgy; only Battersea College offered course on pure Metallurgy; introduction of Colleges of Advanced Technology; sandwich courses

02:20-04:15: Industrial placements: Port Washington, New York; Blackburn Aircraft, Hull; Gillet & Johnston, Croydon; four year course with three industrial placements

04:15-06:24: Accommodation: rented accommodation in Putney; visited friends regularly; Clive Green, flatmate for Brechin Place; student halls of residence built on Chelsea Bridge Road

06:24-08:38: London in 1950s: marvellous; great freedom after National Service; desire to be different; encouraged to think independently

08:38-10:17: Metallurgy course: 5 students in first year, numbers increased with sponsorship

10:17-17:14: Socialising: dinghy racing; Film Society, John Brooks, president of Students' Union; describes visits to Green Café; mentions the Grove public house; President of Students' Union in 1959 when it was granted control over funding, created charitable trust; Dr Ralph West, Mr Arrowsmith; University Jazz Festival

17:14-26:49: Students' Union: John Brooks, president 1957-8; Alex Reed; department socials, Friday nights; events at Chelsea and Northampton Colleges; International Evening; annual Christmas Ball; dinners in Festival Hall, March Hare's Ball; University of London Union

26:49-29:34: Student demographic: describes imbalance of male and female students; mentions Hotel & Catering course students; mentions Green Café;

29:34-31:43: Food: Refectory, adequate food; Green Cafe, Grove Tavern; Hotel and Catering restaurant, more expensive, could use as President for entertaining

31:43-36:00: Students' Union Funding: describes assigning funding for extracurricular activities; funding was controlled by college authorities; idea to establish Student's Union bank account controlled by treasurer, Brandon Dix

36:00-41:33: Impression of Battersea College: recalls great facilities; mentions Bob, the porter; staff were good teachers; Music department staged annual opera, Gilbert and Sullivan; good foundation for career, taught to think laterally

41:33-43:14: Corridor Club: group of male students, very influential, met in corridor; never noticed lack of space; Mike Palmer, Peter Davies

43:14-45:32: International community: International Evening, Suez Canal Crisis; Israeli, Egyptian, Pakistani, Indian, Polish students; Polish lecturers; conflict between Egyptian and Israeli students

45:32-46:44: Student Newspaper: Polygon, monthly release; published sports results, advertised upcoming events

46:44-49:24: Student's Union elections: democratic process; candidates made posters, gave speeches outlining policy; recalls weekly open meeting for students to attend and ask questions of committee, Common room

49:24-52:59: Fashion: Long jumpers, duffle coats, no demin jeans

53:03 - End

Part Two: No transcript was made of this recording.
00:00-02:07: Social Activities: describes Head of The Lake boating race on Battersea Lake; recalls visits to local hospital following race

02:07-04:08: Bar in Battersea Main Building: remembers requesting bar in Battersea Main Building; recalls visits to London breweries to test beer; mentions The Grove public house

04:08-05:30: Students' Union role: mentions National Union of Students annual conference in Margate; describes University of London Union meetings

05:30-07:12: Halls of Residence: recalls gender segregation in halls of residence; recalls local cafe near Clapham Common

07:12 - End
Administrative HistoryMr Richard Shaw studied at Battersea in the Metallurgy Department, graduating in 1960.
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