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TitleOral history interview with Dr Fred Starr on 14 October 2015
Date14 October 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Cheeseman, Rona
Starr, Fred
DescriptionInterview conducted by Rona Cheeseman.

00:00-00:02: Introduction

00:02-21:57: Why Battersea College? Industrial trainee, worked after sixth form at Dorman Long, then spent six months at Battersea College, followed by six months in industry; Class of 12 to 18 people, older students, close knit group;
Why Metallurgy? Home in Teesside, main employer was Imperial Chemical Industries; Film about metallurgy at school and adverts in paper for industry sponsored university courses
First Impressions: Worst winter for a century 1963; Constantine College was sponsored by Imperial Chemical Industries, Battersea Polytechnic was old fashioned in comparison; recalls teaching standard at Battersea was low
Teaching: tutors just lectured and expected students to work independently; Bob Walker, good tutor, suggested Doctoral Degree; Miodownik, good lecturer, showman; Dr Meisel, gave reference for job at British Gas; time of change in Metallurgy and corrosion, dislocation theory, lecturers not keeping up; students with good potential, knocked out of course, but found success elsewhere; Professor Derry, head of department
Entertainment: Saturday night swing dances, changed to small concerts with bands, The Animals, Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames 1966
Accommodation: First year in Ralph West halls of residence; mentions catering; in second year six students rented accommodation in Putney, Stuart Clark found it, organised parties, charged men to come in

21:57-22:44: Photographs: describes photographs of parties in flat, record player, Ian Prendergast

22:44-24:24: Music: New Musical Express, Top of the Pops, The Beatles; Alexandra Palace, the Ally Pally Stomp; London student dance

24:24-29:45: Food: remembers cooking together and cleaning rented accommodation; Prospect of Whitby pub in East End, very cheap food; Battersea Polytechnic wine and cheese evenings on roof

29:45-37:34: General Education: interest in history of science; Georgie Fame in Battersea Main Hall; Lynn Jones went to One Hundred Club, saw The Pretty Things; describes visit of shop stewards from Ford Motor Company; went to engineering guest lectures

37:34-41:23: Entertainment: photograph of game to get a football out of Battersea Park Lake fastest (Head of the Lake)

41:23-50:52: Industrial Placement: 15 months at Dorman Long before starting at Battersea; three months in research laboratories; visited different steel plants; mostly just observing; plastic coated steel; placement with British Iron and Steel Research Association, Ken Goodwin, labouring, helped to fix rolling mill; discusses finances

50:52-01:04:41: Finances: Funded by company with full student grant; returned to Ralph West halls of residence; rented accommodation in Clapham with Ken Goodwin;
Entertainment: Plan to paint roof of Battersea Police Station; trip to club in Brighton, slept on the street, went ten-pin bowling; summer holiday to France

01:04:42 - End
Administrative HistoryDr Fred Starr started at Battersea in 1963 and studied Metallurgy.
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