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TitleOral history interview with Mrs Sue Walton MBE on 14 July 2015
Date14 July 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Buckland, Amintha
Walton, Sue
DescriptionInterview conducted by Amintha Buckland.
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00:00-00:23: Introduction

00:23-01:25: Why Battersea College? recalls hearing John Fuller on radio talking about the Hotel and Catering Management course at Battersea College; remembers interview

01:25-02:38: Course content: Describes housekeeping lessons, ironing bedsheets; mentions Margaret Lennox; describes trips to London hotels, Goring Hotel; recalls practical work; mentions Hotel and Catering restaurant

02:38-03:00: Memorable staff: mentions Dan Fortin, Reg Thompson, Alf Armstrong, Philip Nailon

03:00-03:37: Kitchen work: describes planning menus to serve in restaurant; mentions Mrs Canoee, practical cooking lecturer

03:37-04:45: First impressions of Battersea: recalls nerves; remembers friendly welcome; mentions Jill Carpenter

04:45-06:45: Work placements: employed during summer holidays; describes job with Pat Birdie as chambermaid in Grosvenor House; mentions age; mentions future husband, Michael Walton

06:45-08:14: Quality of Life: praises course and lecturers; mentions field trips; mentions degree result and entry requirements; mentions John Fuller

08:14-09:55: Student Life in 1950s: describes halls of residence on Clapham Common; mentions rented accommodation with Jill Carpenter; recalls safely walking home at night; praises life in London

09:55-11:18: Fashions: describes style, mentions wearing gloves; recalls women not wearing jeans or trousers

11:18-11:48: Uniforms: describes student uniforms used in campus kitchen and in Hotel and Catering restaurant

11:48-14:11: Socialising: mentions working with chairman of entertainment, arranging dances and cabaret shows, in Battersea Main Hall; mentions played tennis and rowing on lake in Battersea Park; recalls visiting the theatre in central London, mentions Sloane Square; recalls eating in restaurants

14:11-14:40: Student Accommodation: recalls gender segregation

14:40-16:00 Spare time: remembers visiting restaurants in Surrey and Sussex with Michael Walton, Jill Carpenter and John Scofield

16:00-19:45: After Battersea: describes employment as demonstrator for Kenwood Food mixers, at Ideal Home Show and other events, based in Harrods; mentions trips to houses of customers to perform demonstrations; recalls meeting deputy head of Hotel and Catering department and receiving offer of job as chief steward at Battersea; remembers knowing colleagues; mentions staying for 43 years

19:45-21:20: Role of Chief Steward: describes role; recalls birth of son, Tim Walton, before move to Guildford campus

21:20-25:10: Childcare: Recalls beginning in Guildford in September after maternity leave; describes relationship with Beatty, Battersea store keeper and nanny for firstborn son, Tim Walton; mentions holidays; describes atmosphere at Battersea College

25:10-28:02: Move to Guildford: mentions loss of some support staff during move to Guildford; recalls buying house in Surrey; describes development of campus since retirement

28:02-30:03: Final points: praises employment by Battersea and University of Surrey; mentions Londoners who were support staff on Hotel and Catering Course

30:03 - End
Administrative HistorySue Walton graduated in 1957 having studied Hotel and Catering Management
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