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TitleOral history interview on 4 August 2015
Date4 August 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Buckland, Amintha
DescriptionInterview conducted by Amintha Buckland.
No transcript was made of this recording. This recording has been edited to allow access.

00:00-00:59: Introduction: Graduated in 1947 with University of London Bachelors in Science in Engineering; internal degree of University of London

00:59-07:11: Why Engineering? Remembers interest in engineering as a child, recalls choosing science over Greek at school; mentions starting on Kingston Technical College sandwich course and placement with Holloway Brothers, building Mulberry Harbour for invasion of Europe; mentions Mr Sully, chief engineer of company; mentions Sydney Harbour Bridge; recalls requiring degree in Engineering; remembers completing intermediate course in Engineering in evening classes, then applying to Battersea College

07:11-07:51: First Impressions of Battersea College: describes Battersea Main Building as impressive and well equipped; mentions classrooms, drawing offices and laboratories; mentions Battersea Park

07:51-09:31: Commuting and socialising: recalls cycling to college from home; remembers age 17 when started at college; recalls playing hockey and cricket for college; mentions Saturday afternoon cross country races; mentions social activities, including dances

09:31-11:44: Course structure: lists main subjects, including structural design, theory of machines, hydrodynamics, mathematics; recalls course mostly taught through lectures; remembers use of drawing offices; describes laboratory work on strengths of materials and foundations; remembers surveying course, practical on Wimbledon Common

11:44-12:03: Memorable lecturers: unable to remember names

12:03-14:58: Work experience: recalls organising industrial placements during summer holidays; mentions employment with Holloway Brothers on Gravesend site; mentions floating docks for invasion of Japan; describes career decision after graduation relating to national service; mentions Hiroshima bombing

14:58-17:28: Effect of War: recalls positive attitude; mentions bombing of London; remembers commuting by bicycle across London; mentions rationing of food and petrol; recalls cycling to countryside to stay for weekend at youth hostels

17:28-20:02: After War: recalls election as president of Students' Union during final year; recalls writing article in magazine about increased mix of students following war; mentions ex-servicemen and women keen to get their qualifications after deferment

20:02-21:30: Ex-servicemen students: describes contrast with younger students; recalled students interacted well

21:30-22:56: Students' Union Presidency: describes three main committees, one for sport, one for social events, and one for cultural and current affairs (organised visiting speakers)

22:56-24:22: Music: remembers gramophone in college clubroom playing alternating classical music and jazz; recalls purchasing student tickets for rehearsals at Royal Albert Hall, mentions Sir Thomas Beecham

24:22-25:57: Socialising: remembers living at home, in Worcester Park; remembers studying in evenings; recalls also spent time with girlfriend, Monica, domestic science student at Battersea College; mentions nursing classes; remembers gender balance

25:57-27:53: Events: describes disagreements with Chelsea Polytechnic; recalls taking part in raids to capture mascots

27:53-30:22: Inter-college contact: mentions sports competitions between colleges, hockey and football; describes a harvest camp in summer holiday in Gloucestershire, remembers hotel and catering students organised bed and board; recalls summer competition against Goldsmith College in village near harvest camp

30:22-33:05: Memories: praises education at Battersea College; recalls good balance of theory and practice; remembers charter to become University of Surrey; mentions employment with Atkins, including committee advising University of Surrey on civil engineering degree content

33:05-34:47: Students' Union Magazine: released annually - Polygon; recalls writing article as President of Students' Union concerning influx of ex-servicemen to college

34:47-38:47: Teaching: praises quality of teaching staff; recalls conversation with lecturer about degree result; describes balancing studies with extracurricular activities; remembers studying at Battersea was very rewarding; mentions pride in University of Surrey

38:47 - End
Administrative HistoryThis alumni graduated in 1947 with a BSc in Civil Engineering
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