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TitleOral history interview with Mr Nicholas Cole on 30 June 2015
Date30 June 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Banfield, Mike
Cole, Nicholas
DescriptionInterview conducted by Mike Banfield

00:00-00:18: Introduction

00:18-01:29: Why Battersea? recalls Battersea College did not require Latin A level; course was more modern

01:29-03:06: Impression of campus: interview at Falcon Road Annexe; Roger Tilford, German lecturer; most lessons in Falcon Road, some in Battersea Main Building

03:06-03:48: Social events: Rag week; dances; university bar; Ralph West hall of residence

03:48-05:02: Accommodation: No room, so stayed in bed and breakfast in Stratton Hill; moved to Ralph West halls of residence when vacancy appeared; Battersea Bridge Road

05:02-08:05: Course: focus on two languages; special subject, law; linguistics; general studies; final year in Guildford; transport by bus

08:05-15:15: Studies abroad in second year: Axel Springer newspapers; Berlin; University of Cologne; Sweden; University of Freiburg; contrasts British and European universities; learnt German and Swedish; married a German; private accommodation in Berlin; stayed in halls of residence in Cologne; worked in bank in Stockholm as part of studies

15:15-24:09: Time at Battersea College: lifelong friends; independence; describes exploring London; mentions student finances; students from West Indies, India; recalls more women than men on languages course; very full timetable; computer science; describes RAG event, Tony Blackburn; member of Christian Union, visit from Cliff Richard; not a member of sports clubs

24:09-25:09: Student Magazine: Snot; Bare Facts

25:09-28:00: Staff: German Humour and Satire lectures, Gerald Fleming; German history, Roger Tilford; Derek McCulloch; optional law module, led to career as solicitor

28:00-31:45: Work in Vienna: employment in Hotel Imperial; opera; time with local people

31:45-37:26: Optional modules showed career options; listened to Radio 1; mentions dances in Battersea Main Building; Students' Union; recalls trips to West End, cinema; car; work in the holidays

37:26-41:26: Fashion: Indian student in suit and tie; describes wide spectrum of clothing; shirts and jeans; university scarves; accommodation included breakfast and dinner, all meals at weekends; ticket for food at student bar; all-you-can-eat restaurant in Guildford

41:26-45:05: Guildford campus: occasional visits, twice weekly; fourth year at Guildford; building site; visited cinema at weekends; watched Surrey Rugby play

45:05-51:06: Holidays: mostly connected to the course; hitchhiked to Croatia and Venice; placements arranged by staff; options of destinations provided; extra jobs to supplement placement pay, British Army in Berlin; student grant payed for term time

51:06-57:16: Socialising: relationships were brief; went to opera and concerts in Vienna; took part in choir at Battersea

57:16-01:06:36: describes Library at Falcon Road annexe; Professor Vulz [Walz?], German, and Swedish lecturer; fancy dress parties; Guildford Art School; recalls spending time in public houses; smoking cigarettes; learnt about people from different parts of the country

01:06:36-01:13:40: After graduation: College of Law; law firm; dealing with German law; lectures on German legal system, Dr Kraut; work with British Forces in Germany; wife from Hamburg

01:13:41 - End
Administrative HistoryNicholas Cole graduated in 1971 in Linguistic and Regional Studies.
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