Ref NoXZK/C2049/3421
Alt Ref NoK(XZ)/3421
TitleLaban Art of Movement Guild News Sheet
DateSeptember 1951
Extent1 issue
Descriptionno. 7.

Anon. Guild leaflet. p 2.
Bergin; Marjorie. Editorial. p 2.
Stevens; G E M. The Laban Art of Movement Guild in five years of growth. p 3.
Anon. Guild council, The. pp 4-7.
Laban; Rudolf. What has led you to study movement?. pp 8-11.
Anon. Easter conference, 1951 - Secretary's report. p 12.
Wilmot; Violet A. Practical sessions. pp 12-13.
Hornby; Dorothy. Occupational therapy in the home. p 13.
Anon. Lecture demonstration: 1. Observing an industrial operation 2. Assessing a candidate's ability for a job. pp 13-14.
Anon. Movement choir. pp 14-15.
Anon. Personalia - Membership details. p 15.
Anon. News from the regions. pp 15-18.
Elding; Mary. Television. pp 18-20.
Anon. Modern dance holiday course, August, 1951. pp 20-21.
Anon. Solo dance recital. pp 21-22.
Beaurepaire; Eliette de. A message from France. pp 22-23.
Ward; Marie K. Report on a talk given by Mr Clegg, Chief Education Officer of the West Riding of Yorkshire, at the Modern Dance Holiday Course, August, 1951. pp 23-24.
Hammonds; Miss D M. Talk on 'Drama as an art'. pp 24-31.
Stephenson; Geraldine. Movement in the York cycle of mystery plays. pp 31-32.
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/C2049Laban Art of Movement Guild Magazine; 1948-1991; magazine1948-1991
DS/UK/P8864Bergin; Marjorie
DS/UK/P5201Stevens; Gladys E M
DS/UK/P6995Wilmot; Violet A
DS/UK/P6923Hornby; Dorothy M
DS/UK/P6996Elding; Mary
DS/UK/P6997Beaurepaire; Eliette de
DS/UK/P6967Ward; Marie
DS/UK/P6998Hammonds; D M
DS/UK/P614Stephenson; Geraldine (1925-2017); Dancer, choreographer and movement director1925-2017
DS/UK/P417Laban; Rudolf (1879-1958); movement theorist1879-1958
DS/UK/P5257Clegg; Sir; Alec B
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