Ref NoXZK/C2049/3424
Alt Ref NoK(XZ)/3424
TitleLaban Art of Movement Guild News Sheet
DateMarch 1953
Extent1 issue
Descriptionno. 10.

Bergin; Marjorie. Editorial. p 2.
Anon. Personalia - New members. pp 2-3.
Anon. Guild Council - Council elections 1953. pp 3-4.
Anon. Organisation of the Guild - Changes in constitution. p 4.
Anon. Information centre. p 4.
Anon. Details of membership. pp 5-8.
Anon. Regional and affiliated groups. p 8.
Heath; Joan and Hornby; Dorothy. Annual Conference, 1953 - Secretaries' report. pp 8-9.
Ullmann; Lisa. Annual general meeting - Chairman's remarks. pp 9-10.
Ward; Mary K. PThe pesentation of the Art of Movement to the general public. pp 10-11.
Anon. Practical sessions. p 12.
Auerbach; Lotte. My work with maladjusted children. pp 12-16.
Long; M. Dance and art. pp 16-18.
Anon. The use of Laban Lawrence effort assessments in promoting good industrial relations. pp 18-20.
Ellis; C D. Laban Lawrence Personal Effort Assessment: Purpose of assessment - Foreman. pp 20-26.
Lamb; Warren. Report on tour of chapters of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers on the Laban Lawrence Personal Effort Assessment for selection and training. pp 26-29.
Ullmann; Lisa. The diagonal scale. pp 30-32.
Leonard; Michael. Architecture and space. Part three. pp 32-38.
Physical DescriptionBound.
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/C2049Laban Art of Movement Guild Magazine; 1948-1991; magazine1948-1991
DS/UK/P8864Bergin; Marjorie
DS/UK/P6922Heath; Joan
DS/UK/P389Ullmann; Lisa (1907-1985); dance educator1907-1985
DS/UK/P6967Ward; Marie
DS/UK/P5215Auerbach; Lotte
DS/UK/P6926Long; M
DS/UK/P5034Ellis; C D
DS/UK/P3972Lamb; Warren D (1923-2014)1923-2014
DS/UK/P5444Leonard; Michael
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