Ref NoXZK/C2049/3429
Alt Ref NoK(XZ)/3429
TitleLaban Art of Movement Guild Magazine
DateMarch 1956
Extent1 issue
Descriptionno. 16.

Bergin; Marjorie. Editorial. pp 3-4.
Hornby; Dorothy M and Heath; Joan. Summary of work done by the Guild Council from February 1955 to February 1956. p 4.
Ullmann; Lisa and North; Marion and Primrose; Lorn. Report of lecture demonstration presented at the conference of educational associations, January, 1956, by the Laban Art of Movement Guild. pp 5-7.
Ward; Marie. The annual conference. pp 8-13.
Anon. New members. pp 13-14.
North; Marion. Recreative dance groups. pp 14-15.
Collingdon; Marjorie and Gardner; Chloe. The arts in therapy. pp 16-18.
A; J and B; G. On dancing for children. pp 18-20.
Ullmann; Lisa. Recreative dancing in the movement choir. pp 20-27. [With five photographs: (p 21) At the 'Festival of Movement and Dance'; (p 22) From the choral dance play 'Agamemnon's Death', Hamburg Movement Choir 1924; (p 23) Dance with percussion; (p 24) The new Saltarium, at the Laban Art of Movement Centre, Surrey; (p 26) At the 'Festival of Movement and Dance'.]
North; Marion. Movement portraits. pp 27-34.
Morpurgo; E and Clifford; J. Movement in a junior girls' school. pp 34-37.
Physical DescriptionBound.
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/C2049Laban Art of Movement Guild Magazine; 1948-1991; magazine1948-1991
DS/UK/P8864Bergin; Marjorie
DS/UK/P6923Hornby; Dorothy M
DS/UK/P6922Heath; Joan
DS/UK/P389Ullmann; Lisa (1907-1985); dance educator1907-1985
DS/UK/P3033North; Marion (1925-2012)1925-2012
DS/UK/P5731Primrose; Lorn
DS/UK/P6967Ward; Marie
DS/UK/P6968Collingdon; Marjorie
DS/UK/P6336Gardner; Chloe E; British movememnt therapist
DS/UK/P6969Morpurgo; E
DS/UK/P6970Clifford; J
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