Ref NoXZK/C2049/3432
Alt Ref NoK(XZ)/3432
TitleLaban Art of Movement Guild Magazine
DateNovember 1957
Extent1 issue
Descriptionno. 19.

Bergin; Marjorie. Editorial. p 2.
Anon. Guild membership. pp 3-4.
Laban; Rudolf. Education through the arts. pp 4-7.
Foster; Ruth. The place of dance in education. pp 7-12.
Laban; Rudolf. The objective observation of subjective movement and action. pp 12-13.
North; Marion. International congress - Report of the practical session. pp 14-16.
Whittaker; Janet. Modern dance holiday course, August 12th-23rd, 1957 \ A Group. p 16.
Hutchinson; Valerie M. Modern dance holiday course, August 12th-23rd, 1957 \ B Group. p 17.
Sheridan; Brenda. Modern dance holiday course, August 12th-23rd, 1957 \ C Group. p 17.
Browne; Pauline. Modern dance holiday course, August 12th-23rd, 1957 \ D Group. pp 17-18.
Smith; Elizabeth. An experiment with Secondary Modern girls. p 18.
Heynssen; Adda. Busman's holiday, August 1957. pp 18-19.
Ullmann; Lisa. An International Congress of Dance and Movement Notation. pp 19-20.
Wooten; Bettie Jane Owen. Roots of the American modern dance. pp 21-23.
Anon. Course for the professional members of the L.A.M.G., October 1957. p 24.
Harmel; Lilian. Jose Limon's American Dance Company visits London. pp 25-28.
Physical DescriptionBound.
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/C2049Laban Art of Movement Guild Magazine; 1948-1991; magazine1948-1991
DS/UK/P8864Bergin; Marjorie
DS/UK/P1279Foster; Ruth
DS/UK/P3033North; Marion (1925-2012)1925-2012
DS/UK/P6916Whittaker; Janet
DS/UK/P6917Hutchinson; Valerie M
DS/UK/P6918Sheridan; Brenda
DS/UK/P6919Browne; Pauline
DS/UK/P6920Smith; Elizabeth
DS/UK/P4547Heynssen; Adda
DS/UK/P389Ullmann; Lisa (1907-1985); dance educator1907-1985
DS/UK/P6921Wooten; Bettie Jane Owen
DS/UK/P5691Harmel; Lilian
DS/UK/P417Laban; Rudolf (1879-1958); movement theorist1879-1958
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