Person NameBellairs; Beatrice (1910-1991); dancer, choreographer and educator
Epithetdancer, choreographer and educator
ActivityBellairs was a young pupil of Ruby Ginner at the Ginner-Mawer School and later, with Pauline Grant, she founded the Grant Bellairs School of Dance and Drama in West London in 1935, which relocated to Guildford in 1945 and became the Guildford School of Acting in 1964. Bellairs was responsible for the choreography of Ken Russell's film documentary on Isadora Duncan (1966). She retired in 1986.
Other Forms Of NameBellairs; Bice
Dates and PlacesBorn in London, the daughter of a rear admiral, she married a naval officer Alexander McKean and had three children, she died on 5 June 1991.
Published Works'Greek dance in the world of today: 2, an approach to solo choreography' (Dancing Times, London December 1966); 'Hellenic movement on a modern wavelength' (Dancing Times, London May 1965).
SourceDance and Dancers September 1991; (17/12/08)
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