Person NameBallets Jooss; 1933-1953; Dance company
EpithetDance company
ActivityFounded by German choregrapher Kurt Jooss.
Corporate NameBallets Jooss
XZH/1216Ballets Jooss, Old Vic, London22-27 May 1939
XZF/1/46Ballets Jooss \ Green Table, Then.d.
XZF/1/55Ballets Jooss \ Pandoran.d.
XZF/1/40Ballets Jooss \ Company at the Manorn.d.
XZF/1/41Ballets Jooss \ Green Table, Then.d.
XZF/1/58Ballets Jooss \ Prodigal Son, Then.d.
XZF/1/61Ballets Jooss \ Sailor's Fancy (last scene)n.d.
XZF/1/45Ballets Jooss \ Green Table, The (Gentlemen in Black)n.d.
XZF/1/37Ballets Jooss \ Company at the Manorn.d.
XZF/1/36Ballets Jooss \ Company at the Manorn.d.
XZF/1/39Ballets Jooss \ Company at the Manorn.d.
XZF/1/31Ballets Jooss \ Ball in Old Viennan.d.
XZF/1/52Ballets Jooss \ Pandoran.d.
XZF/1/63Ballets Jooss \ Spring Tale, An.d.
XZF/1/44Ballets Jooss \ Green Table, Then.d.
XZF/1/48Ballets Jooss \ Pandora (Part 1)n.d.
BMJ/H/7086Ballets Jooss1939
XZF/1/66Ballets Jooss \ Spring Tale, An.d.
XZF/1/35Ballets Jooss \ Company at the Manorn.d.
XZF/1/42Ballets Jooss \ Green Table, Then.d.
XZF/1/38Ballets Jooss \ Company at the Manorn.d.
XZF/1/47Ballets Jooss \ Pandora (Part 1)n.d.
XZF/1/59Ballets Jooss \ Prodigal Son, Then.d.
XZF/1/34Ballets Jooss \ The Big Cityn.d.
XZF/1/33Ballets Jooss \ The Big Cityn.d.
XZF/1/50Ballets Jooss \ Pandoran.d.
L/H/116Ballets Jooss14 June 1947
XZF/1/62Ballets Jooss \ Sailor's Fancy (last scene, Bath 1943)1943
XZH/6076Ballets Jooss, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London11 April 1953
XZH/3925Ballets Jooss Old Vic, London23 May 1938
HB/E/31/11Barbara Vernon and John Gregory \ Publicity \ 1940s1940-1942
HB/H/193Ballets Jooss \ Prince's Theatre, Bradford, England \ 1943 (Monday, Tuesday and Saturday)1943
HB/H/192Ballets Jooss \ Pavilion, Torquay, England \ 12-17/07/194312-17 July 1943
HB/H/194Ballets Jooss \ Prince's Theatre, Bradford, England \ 1943 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)1943
HB/H/195Ballets Jooss \ Theatre Royal, Exeter, England \ 19-24/07/1943 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday matinee, Saturday evening)19-24 July 1943
XZF/1/57Ballets Jooss \ Pavane (Paris, 1933)n.d.
LM/E/3Ludmila Mlada in performance1944-1986
L/H/108Ballets Jooss1933
LM/M/1Ludmila Mlada press cuttings 11957-1969
L/H/112Ballets Jooss1939
L/H/111Ballets Jooss1936
XZF/1/56Ballets Jooss \ Pandoran.d.
XZF/1/51Ballets Jooss \ Pandoran.d.
XZF/1/32Ballets Jooss \ Balladen.d.
XZF/1/53Ballets Jooss \ Pandoran.d.
XZF/1/60Ballets Jooss \ Sailor's Fancy (scene 3)n.d.
XZF/1/65Ballets Jooss \ Spring Tale, An.d.
XZF/1/43Ballets Jooss \ Green Table, Then.d.
L/H/109Ballets Jooss1933
HB/H/196Ballets Jooss \ Theatre Royal, Exeter, England \ 19-24/07/1943 (Wednesday, Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday matinee)19-24 July 1943
XZH/4990Ballets Jooss, Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London1 July 1944
XZF/1/49Ballets Jooss \ Pandora (Part 1)n.d.
HB/E/34/1Barbara Vernon and John Gregory \ 1937-1959 \ Oversize1937-1959
XZF/1/54Ballets Jooss \ Pandoran.d.
XZF/1/64Ballets Jooss \ Spring Tale, An.d.
LM/N/1Sigurd Leeder School events and performances c1946-1948
L/H/110Ballets Jooss1936
XZH/6080Ballets Jooss, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London2 May 1953
XZH/6079Ballets Jooss, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London25 April 1953
LMLudmila Mlada Collection1930s-1970s
XZH/6077Ballets Jooss, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London13 April 1953 - 14 April 1953
XZH/6078Ballets Jooss, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London21 April 1953
L/H/115Ballets Joossn.d.
L/H/114Ballets Joossn.d.
L/H/113Ballets Jooss, Opernhaus Essen, Germany8/6/1951
L/H/107Ballets Jooss, Barn Theatre, Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon13/6/1938 - 18/6/1938
LM/E/3/2Ballets Jooss papers and photographs1944-1951
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