Person NameCORD Dance Research Annual; 1967-1987; annual
ActivitySeries published by the Congress on Research in Dance (CORD), New York, USA.
RelationshipsSee also: 'Dance Research Journal', 'Congress on Research in Dance Newsletter (CORD Newsletter)', 'CORD Bulletin'
Corporate NameCORD Dance Research Annual
General ContextISSN: 08863954
Frequency: 16 in total (not necessarily produced annually)
Language: English
Note: In the NRCD, the volumes have been catalogued as books, rather than as periodicals, to allow for more detailed catalogue records.
Sourceissues of the periodical
XZB/2395Inventory of 15th Century Bassedanze, Balli & Balletti in Italian Dance Manuals
DH/B/2391Essays in Dance Research
DH/B/2393Dance Research Collage: A Variety of Subjects Embracing the Abstract and the Practical
DH/B/388Institute of Court Dances of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods: A Report
DH/B/2390Asian and Pacific Dance
PH/B/2388New Dimensions in Dance Research: Anthropology and Dance - the American Indian
DH/B/379Dance History Research: Perspectives from Related Arts and Disciplines
XZB/2392Psychological Perspectives on Dance
XZB/2398Spectrum of World Dance: Tradition, Transition, and Innovation, A
XZB/2397Dance as Cultural Heritage / Volume Two
XZB/2394Katherine Dunham: Reflections on the Social and Political Contexts of Afro-American Dance
XZB/2389Dance Research Monograph Two: Reflections and Perspectives on Two Anthropological Studies of Dance
XZB/519Dance Research Monograph One: 1971-1972
XZB/2396Dance as Cultural Heritage / Volume One
XZB/1517Research in Dance: Problems and Possibilities
XZB/2387Research in Dance: Problems and Possibilities
XZB/2399Dance History Research: Perspectives from Related Arts and Disciplines
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