Person NameKickstart Dance Company; 1977-1982; Touring dance company
EpithetTouring dance company
Corporate NameKickstart Dance Company
HistoryKickstart was a small-scale touring dance company that formed in 1977 and was active until 1982. The company was founded by Virginia Taylor, a graduate of Newnham College , Cambridge . She studied dance in London , but in 1976 went to New York to train with Merce Cunningham and Viola Farber. On her return to London she began choreographing and in 1977 set up Kickstart with a small group of dancers who were interested in her work. The group, which is described as a ‘modern dance company', toured small scale arts centres and secondary schools with programmes of work; the dancers would take it in turns to choreograph dance pieces on each other, but there was a shared company philosophy of working with humour and social commentary. The company received grants from the Eastern Arts Association, and a small amount of funding from the Arts Council of Great Britain and North West Arts.

In addition to performance work, the company were also responsible for providing workshops and classes. Kickstart became a company-in-residence at Digswell Arts Centre in Welwyn Garden City and also set up their administrative base there. Some of the dancers who have worked with the company are Sue Curtis, Helen Niblett, Pat Garrett, Eva Darlow, Helen Crocker and Kiki Gale.
SourceDescription derived from the Kickstart collection level description, January 2021.
KS/F/1/5Kickstart \ Digswell Dance Weekend \ Three workshop participants1982
KS/F/1/7Kickstart \ Digswell Dance Weekend \ A group of workshop participants1982
KS/F/1/4Kickstart \ Digswell Dance Weekend \ A group of workshop participants1982
KS/F/1/6Kickstart \ Digswell Dance Weekend \ Two workshop participants1982
KS/F/1/10Kickstart \ They Are Not Like Us (Taylor)1979-1982
KS/F/1/12Kickstart \ Earthbound - Airbound (Garrett)1979-1982
XZG/825Kickstart Dance Company, Virginia Taylor, and Pat Garrett & Dancers \ Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, UKn.d.
XZG/826Kickstart Dance Companyn.d.
KS/G/1233Kickstart and Won-Kyung Cho[1977-1982]
KS/F/1/11Kickstart \ They Are Not Like Us (Taylor)1979-1982
KS/F/1/9Kickstart \ They Are Not Like Us (Taylor)1979-1982
AD/E/2/5Small Scale Dance Companies \ 11979-1981
XZM/525Kickstart Dance Company
XZG/827Kickstart Dance Company \ Crewe and Alsagar College, UK \ 15 May 1980 \ Signs and Signals15 May 1980
XZG/860Dancers Dance, an 'In-Side-Out' Car Park Event \ Oval House, Kennington, London \ 4 October 19814 October 1981
KS/G/1235Kickstart \ Preston Polytechnic Students Union30 September 1978
KS/G/1234Kickstart \ They Are Not Like Us and other dances12 January 1982
KS/G/1236Kickstart \ 22/01-23/01, year unknown \ They Are Not Like Us and Other Dances[1977-1982]
KS/G/1237Kickstart Dance Weekend \ 04/07-05/07, year unknown[1977-1982]
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