Person NameArts Council England (ACE); 1994-
ActivityEnglish funding body for the arts. It took over the work of the Arts Council of Great Britain when ACGB was divided into separate councils for England, Wales, and Scotland.
RelationshipsSee also Arts Council of Great Britain, Scottish Arts Council.
Corporate NameArts Council England (ACE)
Other Forms Of NameArts Council of England
SourceACE website:
GC/E/21/6Arts Council of England \ New Education Fund \ 1994-95 1994
XZE/15/19Leading through Learning \ English Arts Funding System's Policy for Education and Training, The1997
KO/E/3/6Audio Describers Conference1998-1999
XZE/3/34Dance Contacts lists June 2005
KO/E/1/4ACE \ Arts Council of England \ 19981998
KO/E/1/3ACE \ Arts Council of England \ 1997-20001997-2000
XZE/14/16Dance Spaces1994
KO/E/1/7ACE Press Contacts1999
KO/E/52/5Patrick Acogny's Files \ Meetings1996-1997
KO/E/9/5European Funding1998-1999
KO/E/13/7Lottery Application \ 2 of 21998
XZE/17/11Year of the Artist \ June 2000-May 2001 \ Breaking the BarriersJune 2000-May 2001
XZE/1/1Policy for Dance of the English Arts Funding System, The1996
XZE/2/19Independent Dance Review Report1998
KO/E/1/5ACE \ Arts Council of England \ 1990-19971990-1997
XZE/17/13Working together for the arts \ the Arts Council's detailed plan for future support of the arts in EnglandJuly 2001
XZA/568Arts Council of England 1995/96 in Words and Music1996
XZE/8/4Fitness for Purpose Report \ Dance, Drama and Stage Management Training \ Examination of Industry Needs and the Relationship with the Current Provision of Training, An1998
XZJ/1953Rush \ Akram Khan Dance Company2003
KO/E/15/6New Audiences \ New Deal for the Unemployed, The1998
KO/E/38/18Education \ Arts Council of England, The \ Arts Education Documents1996-1997
KO/E/38/17Education \ Dance Companies \ What They Offer1990
KO/E/71/10Correcting the Picture: New Perspectives on Cultural Diversity in Arts Management1998
KO/E/71/8Landscape of Fact: Towards a Policy for Cultural Diversity for the English Funding System - African, Caribbean, Asian and Chinese Arts, The1997
KO/E/72/15Arts Organisations and their Education Programme \ A Report for the Arts Council of England1997
KO/E/73/4Making the Connections: Arts Organisations and Adult Learning, an area study based on Birmingham1999
KO/E/18/1West Midlands Arts \ Correspondence \ 1999-20001999-2000
KO/E/18/2West Midlands Arts \ Correspondence \ 1994-19981994-1998
KO/E/40/1Education \ Initial Practice \ Practical Tool in the Teaching of African and Caribbean Dance and Music, A \ 1 of 21994-1996
KO/E/1/6ACE Notation Project1994-1999
YS/E/36/1Finance \ Income Paperwork 1995-19961993-1996
GC/E/21/10Katy Spicer (General Manager) / Correspondence 1993-19951993-1995
XZM/1263Arts Council of England \ Oversize
XZJ/867Teaching Dance in the Primary School1998
XZE/2/17Silver Guide, The \ Marketing for Touring Companies with Few Resourcesunknown
XZE/13/11Making the Moves: Creative Dance and Disability1998?
XZJ/1952Front Line \ Henri Oguike Dance Company2003
KO/E/36/14Education \ Contacts \ National and Regional Arts Organisations1994
KO/E/10/3Funding Information \ Arts Council of England1996-1999
KO/E/38/19Education \ Arts Council of England, The \ Interface II1995-1996
KO/E/64/28Arts Council of England, The / Arts Council of Great Britain, The \ 1991-19941991-1994
KO/E/71/9Arts Council of England: A Statistical Survey of Regularly and Fixed Term Funded Organisations based on Performance Indicators for 1998/19992000
KO/E/2/12Arts 4 Everyone1996-1997
XZE/15/13Advancing Black Dancing1993
GC/E/5/6Arts Council of Great Britain \ Funding Applications and Correspondence \ 1992/1993, 1993/1994, 1994/1995, 1995/19961991-1996
XZK/C2292Arts Council News National Lottery Supplement1994-1999
YS/E/37/3Finance \ Income Invoices 1996-19971996-1997
YS/E/35/11Finance \ Natwest Finances 1994-19951994-1995
XZK/C2147Arts Council News1992-2000
XZM/1115Arts Council of England
BIG/E/6/6BIG Choreographic Course \ Making Work \ Correspondence and Planning1997-2000
BIG/E/6/8BIG Choreographic Course \ Making Work \ Funding2000
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