Person NameCohen; Selma Jeanne
ForenamesSelma Jeanne
AddresstaggedBALLET taggedBMOD
XZB/1308International Encyclopedia of Dance \ Volume 6
XZB/1606Dance as a Theatre Art \ Source Readings in Dance Hisory from 1581 to the Present
NM/B/858Dictionary of Modern Ballet
DH/B/2189Next Week, Swan Lake: Reflections on Dance and Dancers
XZB/1782Modern Dance: Seven Statements of Belief, The
PH/B/1016Dance as a Theatre Art \ source readings in dance history from 1581 to the present
XZB/238Doris Humphrey: An Artist First
XZB/1710Stravinsky and the Dance \ A Survey of Ballet Productions, 1910-1962
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