Dates1923 - 2009
Person NameRedfern; Hildred Betty (1923 - 2009); Dr
ForenamesHildred Betty
ActivityEducator , teaching at the Art of Movement Studio Surrey, the Speech and Drama department of the University of Nepal and at Crewe College of Education where she was Head of Dance and Physical Education , author, dance aesthetician
Other Forms Of NameRedfern; Betty
Dates and Placesd. Cumbria, 25 August 2009
Published WorksConcepts in Modern Educational Dance (1973); Questions in Aesthetic Education (1986)
PH/B/1106Concepts in Modern Educational Dance
JR/E/10/9Articles on Laban1958-1975
XZB/515Concepts in Modern Educational Dance
PH/B/1107Questions in Aesthetic Education
XZK/C2049/2253Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineNovember 1961
PH/B/1105Dance, Art & Aesthetics
XZK/C2049/2255Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineNovember 1962
XZK/C2049/2239Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineNovember 1964
XZK/C2049/2254Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMay 1962
XZK/C2049/2256Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMay 1963
LG/E/3/1Proposals for the Future \ 1966-19681955-1968
XZK/C2049/2252Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMay 1961
XZB/1166Concepts in Modern Educational Dance
LG/E/4/6Correspondence \ General \ 1960s1960-1967
L/B/83Concepts in Modern Educational Dance
L/B/84Introducing Laban Art of Movement
L/E/69/10Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Movement in Industryn.d.
L/E/70/48Miscellaneous Notes \ Students' Accounts of Experience on the Ball \ H.B. Redfern11 November 1957-11 February 1958
L/N/4/84Newspaper cutting: Influence of bodily rhythm on human happiness1958
DC/K/C8879/6221Joan Russell Memorial Journal1991
XZK/C2049/2257Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineNovember 1963
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