Person NameSpong; Annea Eliza (1870-1957); Artist
ForenamesAnnea Eliza
ActivityOne of seven children. Annie was a portrait painter who became interested in dance and was influenced by Isadora Duncan. After the First World War Annie opened her own dance school in London and advertised the dance style as Spong Rhythmic Dancing. It was at this time that Annie became known as Annea. Her style of dancing became known as Natural Movement Dancing.
Parallel Forms Of NameAnnie Eliza Spong; Annie E Spong
Dates and PlacesBorn in Kensington, London. Death registered in Kensington London.
Sourcevideo XZJ/201; (08/12/09) &
NM/H/1/1/1Miss Madge Atkinson assisted by Miss Ralph-Hall and Friends at the Opera House, Buxton14 December 1913
NM/H/2/2/3Annie Spong and her company in the cloisters29 July 1912
NM/H/1/1/5Miss Madge Atkinson and her Pupils25 March 1916
NM/H/2/3/6Spong Summer School July 1922
NM/H/4/2/7Annie Spong in Original Dances at the Royal Court Theatre17 November 1919
NM/E/3/2/2Demonstration of Natural Movement Gesture and Dance by the Spong School and the Madge Atkinson School (of Manchester) at 66 Adelaide Road, Hampsteadc1922
NM/E/3/1/5A performance of Spong Rhythmic Dancing based on Natural Movement at the Spong School Londonc1920
NM/H/1/2/4Natural Movement students' evening20 December 1921
NM/H/1/1/10Miss Madge Atkinson and Company at the Crane Hall, Hanover St, Liverpool14-19 January 1918
XZJ/201Study of Dance Conference 1983 \ Natural Movement Lecture Demonstration and Performance1984
NM/H/2/2/11Programme of Conversazione at The Reform Hall, Heaton Moor13 November 1915
NM/H/1/1/9Miss Madge Atkinson and Company at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester2-7 April 1917
XZJ/127Study of Dance Conference 1983 \ Natural Movement Lecture Demonstration and Performance1984
NM/H/2/2/16Altrincham and District Nursing Association at The Hippodrome, Altrincham12 May 1917
NM/H/2/2/12Performance at The Assembly Rooms, Bowdon, Cheshire30 November 1915
NM/H/1/1/6Miss Madge Atkinson's Matinee's of Dancing at The Gaiety Theatre, Manchester31 October 1916 - 2 November 1916
NM/H/2/2/4Annie Spong and her company at Knightsbridge Hall1912
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