Person NameLieschke; Marie Luise
ForenamesMarie Luise
LU/E/16/27Letters \ Frau Lieschke1965
L/E/46/56Information from Others \ Letters to Lisa Ullmann22 March 1930-1 May 1930
L/E/46/55Information from Others \ Rundschreiben [Circular]1933
L/E/69/53Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Letter to Lisa Ullmann from Marie Luise Lieschke31 May 1965
L/E/46/54Information from Others \ Labangruppe im Reichsverband Deutscher Turn-, Sport- und Gymnastiklehrer1933
L/E/46/58Information from Others \ Streng Geheim fur den Geburtstager / Laban Money Vouchers1929
L/E/43/28Historical Data \ Letters and Articles on Laban's 75th Birthday1954
L/E/69/51Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Letters to Gertrud Friedberg-Snell16 June 1965
XZK/C2049/3426Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineDecember 1954
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