Person NameBuonaventura; Wendy
XZA/784/2Dances with the Devil \ 112 September 2000
XZA/814/2Dances with the Devil \ 3 \ Tango, The26 September 2000
XZJ/1039Arabic Dance in Performance \ Wendy Buonaventura1998
XZP/575Buonaventura, Wendy
XZJ/404Wendy Buonaventura and Company \ extracts from the HTV documentary Making Mimi and Dancing Girlsn.d.
XZB/2361I Put a Spell On You: Dancing Women from Salome to Madonna
DH/B/2405Belly Dancing
XZA/814/1Dances with the Devil \ 2 \ Waltz, The19 September 2000
DH/B/2412Serpent of the Nile: Women and Dance in the Arab World
XZJ/993Dance Continuuuum \ Promotional video; Stamp Collection Dance Company \ Promotional video; Wendy Buonaventura; One Extra Company \ Promotional video1990-1993
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