DescriptionBusiness correspondence was not indexed by Valerie Chandler, and has been grouped into files by subject and/or correspondent. The personal correspondence [EHS/C/9-17] was indexed individually by Valerie Chandler, and has been rearranged into series and subseries by correspondent and date; it is listed, as far as possible, in date order. Some items of personal correspondence [generally items with illustrations, which appear to have been previously set aside] were not indexed; these have been catalogued in date order, appearing after the indexed items. Most items of indexed correspondence were given a definite date and recipient by Valerie Chandler (usually using the envelopes in which a letter came); in some cases, it was unclear to the cataloguer how this information was obtained. In these cases, and in cases where the context does not support the information given [ie, an envelope obviously does not match the letter with which it has been placed, the letter is fragmentary, etc], the letter has been treated as of uncertain date/origin and treated accordingly. Letters of indeterminate date have been assigned date spans by the cataloguer, using all available context [usually address, but where necessary considering the content of the letter]. These have been arranged using the order given by the previous reference number (in the AltRefNo field).
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